The Mongols are an offensive civilization that focuses on its ranged units and emphasizes guerilla tactics. Cookie Notice In-game, the Mongol main army composition consists of Light cavalry, cavalry archers, and siege weapons. Complementing their fast units is their excellent siege weapons which also receive a great speed boost thanks to Drill. Real time means that the game goes on without break and you have to make fast decisions (unlike round-based games like chess) depending on your strategy but also be flexible and adapt to certain . Cavalry Archers and Mangudai fire 20% faster His name was Timur Leng (Timur, the Lame, or Tamerlane to Europeans and the Prince of Destruction to Asians). Mangudai - Just pump them out as soon as you have a Castle and research the Elite upgrade as soon as you can when you're in Imperial. Age of empires ii 1 viewers gadzookzzz. A wise decision is to consider your own Light Cavalry, who are fast, cheap and arrow resistant against an army composed of Cav Archers, Light Cavalry and Siege. Join. 120. The thing to me about the Mongols is that I feel like taking advantage of their post imp strengths is so damn expensive. Units in bold are good options or better than average units for the fight. This team bonus makes a good synergy with the Portuguese team Bonus, since the Portuguese provide Cartography from the beginning of the game for the entire team, allowing the team to explore the map faster. Their lack of Ring Archer Armor and Plate Barding Armor causes their Hussars and Mangudai to be more vulnerable than they might otherwise be; this combined with their lack of Paladins means that their late game heavy cavalry is very much below par. Theyre a bit more difficult to mass, but, if Mongols had the time to upgrade everything, it is supposed that youll also have the time to mass your UUs. Magyars can outnumber them with their cheaper Hussars and. Learn the build for a 15 minute fast castle into a 3 town-center boom. For more information, please see our Hussars and Mangudai are very reliable eco raiders and with little micro can harass vill working sites. Monks will have a limited use. Mangudai are amazing but this bonus doesn't really affect the game. Age of Empires II, the classic real-time strategy (RTS) game, has been remade and released in a Definitive Edition for its 20th anniversary. In-game, the Mongols are specified as a cavalry archer civilization. Alternatively, in exchange for Hussars with extra Line of Sight, Hindustani allies also grant Mongol Hussars and Camel Riders some anti-building bonus. Rams and Scorpions will be shredded by Mongols. For the Age of Empires II article, see Mongols (Age of Empires II) For the Age of Empires IV article, see Mongols (Age of Empires IV) Categories Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Mongols are also able to perform a Fast Castle just in order to have access to their Cavalry Archers. In mid Castle Age, when Mangudai numbers are low, they could help delaying both early raids/pushes and Mangudai massing. Speaking of those two units you generally want to use Hussars as a meatshield for them. It's format is heavily inspired by Philippe le Bon's work in Age of Empires 2 HD, so I decided it was fitting to . Plumed Archers will resist better arrows, but their low attack will leave them vulnerable to Hussars. Don't you just hate it when China builds a massive wall just to stop you from raiding and pillaging? Press J to jump to the feed. While it has some weak points, like simplifying some of the series' core micromanagement, in the end it offers a solid experience which should not go unnoticed by fans of the genre. Hello everyone, and welcome to my guide a community effort I'm undertaking, to move some of the best works of the original Age of Empires 2 (Steam Edition) to the Definitive Edition. . Note: The Mongol script is written vertically and from left to right (look for example here), so the one shown here has to be rotated clockwise by 90; further, it might not be visualized well in the browser. History fan - I want a Campaign for each civ. They also do not get Supplies, making their Militia line more food-intensive. You need lots of them. Aztecs is a bit more challenge, but can still win due to moving speed of all . Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! and our They should be well protected both from Hussars and Mangudai, and, if hurt, vills behind can repair them. Well start considering cavalry (+Camel) units. In general mongols are really fast up to feudal with their amazing hunting bonus so you want to use that most of the time by going very fast into scouts or towers making use of the food or fast up time. Otherwise, their navy is fair. Non-elite Mangudai are now way better than ordinary Cavalry Archers, as their delay time (the time between the start of the shooting animation and the actual shoot of the arrow) has been reduced from 10 to 5, making them stronger at hit-and-run tactics. Pointy boys (Halberdiers, Pikemen and Kamayuks) could deal well with Hussars trying to snipe siege under Castles, but theyll quickly die to Mangudai. In contrast, Civilization is a slow-paced , turn-based strategy (TBS) game. Later, when Hussars are included into the Mongol army, they will become useless. The attack bonus against rams is removed. They need a meatshield (mainly Hussars, Cavalry or Halberdiers). There are several campaigns in Age of Empires II. By Imperial Age, fully upgraded Mangudai and Cavalry Archers have a large enough range that they can be set as "Stand Ground", so they are easier to control and do not run into enemy fire. For that, This build lets a Mayan player fast castle and immediately place a castle and a second town center, with steady production of Plumed Archers and a third town center being, The Huns. The Mongols' civilization icon is based on the, The Mongols are the only East Asian civilization that can research, The Mongols are believed to acquire gunpowder during their conquests of China and used it in several forms such as Fire Lances and "naphtha-shooters" through their invasions of. Age of Empires 2 is a real-time based strategy game. Team Bonus: Light cavalry have +2 line of sight. IMO the 3 most effective counters against an imperial mongol late game are Goth flood, Berber elite camelry + cavalry, and Magyar Huszar. Dont be too harsh on me if I made a mistake. Europe was spared as Mongol rulers concentrated their efforts against the Middle East and southern China. Still unable to produce advanced siege weapons, the Mongols must first kidnap some Chinese engineers. Tarkans have the advantage of not being Castle dependant after Marauders has been researched. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki, Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms, Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Lords of the West, Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Dawn of the Dukes, Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Dynasties of India,, William Wallace (Scottish, tutorial campaign), Barbarossa (Holy Roman Empire - Alliance of German Countries). Mongols' new unique tech Nomads is very helpful when an opponent destroys a Mongol town, as it allows their houses to support population even if they are destroyed, reducing wood spent to replenish losses. In general, any melee unit that is slower than Mangudai or ranged unit outranged by Mangudai will have a hard time countering them, and their use will become situational against Mongols. With another army of 100,000 or so horsemen, he swept into Russia and Persia, fighting mainly other Muslims. It's kind of a no-brainer but I'll explain it: you only use it a couple times on most maps but it gives you a huge boost. Their Monks are among the worst of all civilizations, and their defensive structures are not great either. by hit-and-running them. All photos and videos related to Age of Empires II were created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Age of Empires II, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft. Serjeants and Champskarls get 8 pierce armor, but that only means soaking a higher number of arrows before dying. The Mongols are an East Asian civilization in Age of Empires II based on confederation of nomadic tribes in central Asia who would eventually form the Mongol Empire under the leadership of Genghis Khan. Last mention goes for Samurai, because they get +12 bonus attack against Mangudai, but they will never get to chase them. But if you feel inspired, you may turn the tide and scrap a difficult win. The Mongol Scout Cavalry line of sight bonus helps everyone except for the American civilizations and the Gurjaras in the Dark Age. Since the Mongol team bonus improves Light Cavalry Line of Sight, they can make a good synergy with the Poles, who give Light Cavalry +1 attack vs archers. Age of Empires 2 is a complex game where each military unit has a role to play in battle; each military unit is a counter for another unit and may. Mangudai Rate of Fire increased (made slower) to 2.1. I do like Mangudai as a unit, but the FE buff which made their bonus only apply to rams was absolutely necessary imo. Please do not think I hate Mongols. Their Light Cavalry have extra hit points and line of sight, making them very effective as scouts and raiders early in the game, and compensating somewhat for their lack of Plate Barding Armor later. Unite the fractious tribes of the Mongolian steppe and lead vast mounted hordes to the edges of the known world. In this category also fall Genitours, who can also chase Mangudai and have a big attack bonus against them. Meanwhile they can also tech into Light Cavalry and pick relics with the help of their LOS. Age of Empires II Microsoft Corporation. So now I'm in this situation of wanting to play mongols but trying to avoid mangudais (unless they go siege or pikes or smth when mangudais is definetly the way to go) or at least make them part of an army composition. They are actually more vulnerable to arrows than many other civs' Hussars because they miss the final armor upgrade.You want to handle enemy archers with your Siege Onagers or Mangudai, who are your prime units units, anyway. Hope you liked it ;-). You get Onager and Siege Onager if you can afford it if you're facing an Archer civ or Heavy Scorps if you're against a Cavalry civ. Looking at it, we know that a group of 20+ Mangudai will certainly 1 shot kill our Hussar, but the latter are cost effective against them. For this matchup, Hussars and Light Cavalry depend enormously on getting Plate Barding Armor and Blast Furnace to be at least effective when fighting Mangudai. You only get 2 boars, it's not a HUGE deal if you harvest those food faster. Mongols can follow with archers (dont have any bonus towards them, but it may be interesting for small walled enemies, and to start researching techs that will later be useful for Mangudai), or skip Feudal wars and go to Castle Age. 01:43:00 - Le premier dbat : Polmique Orelsan : Le terme "mongol" est-il insultant ? So, what could each of the civs do against that? Bro.. you could have just told me you don't like me, I like you, but your boys snipe my siege as if they were Dark Age militia . Learn the build for a 15 minute fast castle into a 3 town-center boom. This makes them probably the best units for hit and run tactics. His ambition was to rule all lands between the oceans (Pacific and Atlantic) and he nearly did so. For the Goth flood, Huskarls and Halberdiers should be spammed, and push back Mongol units. TL;DR: These are the units that could be used in late game against Mongols. This page is a stub. Scouts are a standard build order to learn, but often you find yourself making scouts and being countered by an opponents spearman. 18. r/aoe2. Though I guess I usually accompany that with a Mangudai tsunami.. Their bonuses are really good, but I just can't seem to use them effectively. Notice than some of the civs dont even get a unit in bold. A Burmese Battle Elephant + Skirm + BBC slow push could also be surprising for a greedy Mongol enemy, but by the time you get to this costly combo, Mongols can take map control and start pushing your base with Mangudai. As a primarily Teuton player, I can't help but feel like Mongols were designed specifically to fuck us over. A well-crafted and complete title, capable of offering exactly what one expects from a modern RTS. That means that many units could in theory kill 1v1 an unmicroed Mangudai easily. Replace Goth flood with Genoese and replace Magyar Huszar with war wagons. Leitis are far weaker to Mangudai (1 pierce armor). It led to the point of not only get me to hate that unit despite being one of the strongest in the game but also not knowing anything else the civ could do. Contents 1 Strengths 2 Weaknesses 3 Strategy 3.1 Strategy changes in The Forgotten 3.2 Strategy changes in The African Kingdoms It is especially usefull for the siege ram. They focus on cavalry archers. So the question is, what other strategies or army comps are at least viable with mongols? Dont misunderstand me, letting Mongols get to FU Mangudai and Hussars is very close to a GG, but there may be something that could be done to leave this push ineffective. We also get two tanks that can be a nasty surprise for Mongols: War Wagons and Elephant Archers. With patch 4.8, Elite Mangudai now have a frame delay of 5. So if you want to trace the roots of Mongol strategy study Sima Qian's and Ban Gu's chapters on the Xiongnu and the Han dynasty commanders who fought them. Their unique technology improves the speed of their siege weapons greatly, allowing them to participate in raids effectively. Thank you in advance. In update 37650, the Mongols lose access to the Supplies technology, which is meant to balance out their strong early-game hunting work bonus, and adding a counterplay to the Mongols' late-game army composition of Mangudai, Hussars, and siege (for example, the Goths). They also have the advantage of being upgraded before, cheaper and faster than Mangudai. Well leave these also apart and start considering the scout line. Both can take a million hits from Mongols while hitting them hard. Mixing the upgraded Light Cavalry with the Cavalry Archers is an effective strategy. A couple of discounts in units (Berbers, Magyars), techs (Chinese, Burgundians, Spanish) and not needing to research some of the techs (Turks, Indians, Cumans, Franks, Hussar lacking civs) can be considered, but, all in all, it is an army composition that, with Hussars/Light Cav alone, is difficult to counter, if theres not a huge number advantage. The extra line of sight of their Scout Cavalry also allows for the Mongols and their allies to find their herdables, and explore, faster. Mangudai should go together and be intensively microed. ", Try to retreat and get your towers to do the work? Mangudai have a train time of 21 seconds. The Mongols also have access to powerful siege weapons. Hi all! Mongols get a crazy early game bonus for hunting. As the Mongol siege line rely on movement speed but not on range, increased attack or more resistance, other prominent siege civilizations such as Celts, Koreans, Ethiopians, and Teutons can counter their siege workshop units if they make use of Onagers, Rams and Bombard Cannons (the last for those who have them). The introduction of the Siege Tower in the game improves significantly the siege capabilities of all civilizations but in the particular case of the Mongols this unit also benefits from the Drill technology making this unit more effective in its use as its purpose is to transport foot soldiers to the other side of an enemy wall. Mongols have one of the best scout opening plays in the game, and their upgraded scout line gets extra HP for free. Nananananana! If the Mongol player loses attention for a second, he could lose all his army. They can still be vulnerable against Onager volleys (see in disadvantages). This Age of Empires 2 guide will help you understand these situations to win more often. The issue is that 1) Not all civs get access to Camels 2) Their base armor is 0/0, thus leaving them vulnerable to attacks. Here, Mongol Hussars become a problem, because they kill easily Skirms, while tanking fire and not allowing you to aim for Mangudai. Its likely that the Onager will only have the chance to shoot once, before Mongols melt it. In particular, their foot soldiers lack key upgrades across the board, with Elite Skirmishers lacking Ring Archer Armor, and they lack the Halberdier upgrade. They also have a better meatshield than Mayans in Light Cavalry. Cookie Notice 7 build lumber camp. I've been playing Age of Empires 2 for almost 2 decades, and consider the game to be not only the greatest real-time strategy game of all time, but the greatest video game of all time. This guide will primarily focus on giving detailed information on each Civ in the game, old and new. The Mongols have the fastest Feudal times with the same build as everybody else, and then after that there's Deer. To compensate for the nerf, the Mongols were given the Steppe Lancer and Elite Steppe Lancer to add more diversity to their late-game cavalry (which is also trivial to historical accuracy, as the Steppe Lancer is supposed to reflect their nomadic lifestyle). Will we finally learn how to defeat the Mongols in the Imperial Age? The loss of Elite Cannon Galleons also hurts their navy a bit. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. It's the fastest gathering in the game. Is there any good way for us to fight them? Mangudai have a train time of 21 seconds. Their lack of speed guarantees them taking shots to death from Mangudai and Mongols switching their push if they find an inexpugnable fortress. Hulagu, a grandson of Genghis, exterminated the Muslim Assassins and then took the Muslim capital of Baghdad in 1258. Cav Archers bonus - There's no real way to use this effectively. In 1260 a Muslim army of Egyptian Mamelukes (warrior slaves of high status) defeated the Mongols in present-day Israel, ending the Mongol threat to Islam and its holy cities.Kublai Khan, another grandson of Genghis, completed the conquest of China in 1279, establishing the Yuan dynasty. The best microed Eagles should go first for the raid and then to see if they can snipe an unprotected siege unit. Will Ghengis Khan ever find the last dragon ball? Thank you so much for your kind words! Early economy for the Mongols is also quite good since they collect their hunt at a faster speed than other civilizations, so luring the Boars early is very important for a Mongol Scout Flush. The straight archer build will allow you to harass an opponents wood and wall lines and allow you to begin massing archers to make a critical ball of crossbowmen. That's the main idea. They can attack buildings and can be used as a bait for Mangudai to come closer. < Mongols (Age of Empires II) Edit Civilization Technology tree Strategy Contents 1 Overview 1.1 Civilization bonuses 1.2 Unique units 1.3 Unique technologies 2 Tech tree key 3 Military 3.1 Barracks 3.2 Archery Range 3.3 Stable 3.4 Siege Workshop 3.5 Castle 3.6 Dock 3.7 Monastery 4 Defensive structures 5 Research 5.1 Blacksmith 5.2 University
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