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She was born in El Paso, Texas, and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Birthplace: Her desire to excel in all aspects of the show business led her to the city of angels, and now she is living her dream, starring in movies and TV shows. But, of course, she could be dating someone in private [@zion.moreno via Instagram], Zion Moreno is an openly transgender woman. Birthday: Romances: Moreno plays the character Luna La, a stylist originally from Mexico City. More Schemes. The ongoing series Gossip Girl is the sequel of the 2007 series and follows the current story after 10 years of its prequel. She is a Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and a member of the American Medical Association, Florida Medical Association, and the . Zion Moreno underwent surgery at a very early age. Luna is a Mexico-born stylist that now lives on her own in New York while her parents travel the world. Take a closer look at the cast of the Gossip Girl reboot series. Moreover, she has amazing fan followings at over 821k followers. Zion spent most of her young age in her hometown, and when she was old enough, she decided to pack her bags and move to New York. Before And After Surgery filmland Of Gossip Girl Cast Zion Moreno had surgery at a veritably early age. Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. [@zion.moreno via Instagram], Zion Moreno is 28 years old. It doesnt look like shes shared any of her work yet, but I have a feeling shes just being modest. Zion really shot to international fame after the release of Control Z. Status: Season 1 [@zion.moreno via Instagram], Zion Moreno uses she/her pronouns on Instagram. 1. As of May 2020, Zin Moreno hadn't formally opened up about her date of birth. Early life [ edit] Did He Ever Get Married to Lady Gaga? They are preparing for Julien's "back to school" Instagram photo. She gained further popularity by starring in several TV shows including Control Z (2020) where she portrayed the character of Isabela. She often speaks on the LGBTQ+ community and is a supporter of the community being a part of it. Despite only having a few acting credits so far, Zion has already built up a very impressive fan base. Julien realizes that she never did these things with Obie, realizing that they didn't work together. Another teacher escorts Ms. Keller away, while Monet and Luna fuss over Julien's Capricine bag. Or Is It on Hulu? She is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology. But when Richard Simmons was in trouble with the trans-community, Zion came to his defense and also gave her view on the life-altering decision of getting surgery to change gender. That night, Monet and Luna prepare for Dumbo Hall as they climb into an Uber they ordered for the night. Luna whispers it to Monet's ear, pleased at the scandalousness. The ability to speak both languages will definitely open up more opportunities as Zion continues to build her brand as an actress. [@zion.moreno via Instagram], Zion Moreno was born on Feb 23, which makes her a Pisces. Her fans have accepted who she is and still support her despite her views on the LGBT community and have since made name for herself as an actress and model. Zin Moreno was a model before she was cast in . Julien doesn't like any of them. In 2019, she made her feature debut in the horror-musical flick K-12. The Truth About Gossip Girl Star Zin Moreno. Her run-down on the dos and don'ts of the fashion world begins first thing the next morning. According to her modeling agency, Zion Moreno is 6 feet tall, has brown eyes and hair, and her body measurements are; Bust: 32 / Waist: 25 / Hips: 34.5. Moreno was born in El Paso, Texas to Mexican parents; her mother is from Chihuahua and her father from Monterrey. Modeling paved the way for the Zion to explore and try other things, which led her to acting, and her first acting role in the movie K-12. Serena? Call Today For A Free Virtual Consultation: 305-309-9466. Keep reading for 10 things you didnt know about Zion Moreno. Luna was born in Mexico, before immigrating to America, where she had male to female surgery, and was left in the care of her grandmother when she was only 10 years old. In addition, the actress has been cast as Isabela in the television series Control Z. In "Guess Who's Coming at Dinner", Monet's plans to take down Julien reaches new heights. Luna tells her that Gossip Girl is on her way out but if Julien wants Obie back then Zoya has to be banished. Julien asks her friends if it's okay that Zoya joins them at Dumbo Hall, with Luna sighing that she doesn't care. Zion Moreno is active on Instagram under the username @zion.moreno where she has acquired a verified badge. The next day, Luna and Monet wait for Julien by the lockers and try not to panic when Julien admits that she forgot her phone. Just Another Girl on the MTA Luna was born in Mexico, before immigrating to America, where she had male to female surgery, and was left in the care of her grandmother when she was only 10 years old. She takes a photo of his balls and then returns the photo to Monet, who uses a Bluetooth sharing app to cast the photo to everyone. She is portrayed by Zion Moreno. [@zion.moreno via Instagram], Zion Moreno plays Luna La in HBO Max's Gossip Girl reboot. She dismisses Julien Calloway's broach suggestion as she was already photographed wearing it, so everyone knows it. Luna reminds her that she doesn't have to like them - she just has to date them. Watch Zin Moreno as she gets ready for the Met Gala in the finale of Gossip Girl Season 2. Luna de la Cruz Luna and Monet try to convince Julien that Zoya isn't just bad for her relationship with Obie, but also bad for her brand. Plus, given the fact that she was widely considered to be the breakout star of "Control Z", certainly she'll be bringing this same talent to the "Gossip Girl" reboot (via Distractify). The Gossip girl actress was not always a girl. Luna dismisses her entirely as she "can't see freshman" and has no idea who they're talking about. Audrey begins to talk about Zoya being a stalker, just as the girl crosses the opposite end of the quad. Is Patrick Stewart Gay? StudentSocial Media InfluencerStylist (former)Model On a typical day off you can probably catch her soaking up some sun and working on her tan. No products in the cart. Gossip Girl Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Luna is also quick to follow stronger personalities, seen when she changes from following Julien's direction to teaming up with Monet to get rid of Zoya. Well, per New York Magazine, Georgina Sparks (played by Michelle Trachtenberg) lives on through Luna and Monet, played by Zin Moreno and Savannah Lee Smith, respectively; both serve as "ladies-in-waiting" to Queen Bee Julien. Isabela does not take the outing of her secrets lying down; instead, she says yes to revenge when the hacker contacts her. 1 overall pick to miss the season opener of his first season in the last 25 seasons. Luna scoffs at the sight with Monet knowing they've worked too hard too hard for Julien to abdicate without a fight, with Luna noting they tried every one on the Quest 400 list. Monet is ready to take Julien's crown for good so she can be the star. [@zion.moreno via Instagram], Zion Moreno is on Instagram and you can find her on @zion.moreno. As they chat, Audrey mentions that Julien is distracted as she's looking for her half-sister. After a few years in New York, she decided to relocate to Los Angeles in order to put herself in a position to get more acting opportunities. She also enjoys writing poetry although her Instagram bio confesses that her poems are bad. After he filed a defamation lawsuit against the Enquirer for its claim saying he was transitioning, Richard Simmons was made to be transphobic. ulysse et les sirnes rsum . However, a Gossip Girl blast that night changes everything - Zoya and Obie were spotted together outside her building. They decide to post a filtered photo of Julien and Obie to make it seem as though Gossip Girl isn't credible. She proposes the newest magazine feature dinner as the perfect place to do it. The following morning, everyone awakens to a Gossip Girl blast that labels Obie and Zoya as a couple. In the Gossip Girl reboot series, Zion Moreno is an openly transgender woman who has always advocated for LGBT rights. Zion Moreno was young when she decided to transition; it was a difficult decision, but Zion was born in a wrong body. The Mexican series from Netflix found a home worldwide, and Zion was the cast member who made the most impact. No products in the cart. :). Bio Age, Birthday, Zodiac. Zara, east of Lex only. She also appeared in the Mexican version of the series called Gossip Girl: Acapulco. There are hundreds of fans who flock to her comment section to share their affection and adore the talented actress/model. [6] She initially found modeling challenging but has grown to appreciate modeling more since shifting her focus towards acting. In "Lies Wide Shut", Luna and Monet read Gossip Girl's latest post shaming Julien for her inability to find a new love interest despite chasing many around the world. "The good thing is after the scene I had a lot of reflection to do and I kind of healed that part of my heart," Moreno said in an interview with Netflix. According to IMDb, she now lives in Los Angeles, California. She is a Mexican American Actor and model who plays Luna La on the teen Drama "Gossip Girl." Zin Moreno selfie (source: ghbase) Life is okay for Isabela and Pablo, but when a hacker shows childhood videos of Isabela as a boy, life changes for the two and also for all the other kids in the school. She is currently seen on the teen series "Gossip Girl" portraying the role of Luna la. 2003 Zion Moreno is very active on social media especially on Instagram under the username @zion.moreno with the verified mark. Season 2 She portrayed Isabela De La Fuente on Netflix 's Control Z . Luna and Monet are visibly annoyed by this. Zion Moreno. -03-2022, 0 Comments Zion Moreno talked about transition surgery while defending Richard Simmons.Source: Zion Moreno Instagram. She and her boyfriend Pablo are high school sweethearts and popular kids of the school. Celebs In-Depth is a leading media and entertainment source as a fast-growing information hub. She is a transgender woman and has shared that openly throughout her career. Zion Morenos character Isabela is transgender, and the outing of the secret makes life hard for her, and a chain reaction causes trouble for all who have a secret. Moreover, she has amazing fan followings at over 821k followers. Monet "accidentally" bumps into Zoya, reprimands the girl for being on her phone, and takes the moment to switch out their cells. Her dream became a reality when she was scouted in Manhattan by a modeling agency, which set her on a path to becoming a top model in the fashion industry. She is portrayed by Zion Moreno. [@zion.moreno via Instagram] 6. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. Julien objects to them talking about her, declaring she's exhausted. [11], "En conversacin con Zin Moreno: la interpretacin ms autntica", "Zion Moreno, a Trans Mexican-American Actorr, Will Star in the 'Gossip Girl' Reboot", "The Truth About Gossip Girl Star Zin Moreno", "Meet Zin Moreno, the trans Latina star in 'Control Z', "The Diversify TV Excellence Awards winners are", "Gossip Girl Series-Premiere Recap: Class War",, This page was last edited on 26 January 2023, at 20:23. Keep reading for 10 things you didn't know about Zion Moreno. Also Check: Celebrity Bios. She hopes to continue creating art and would like to also write her own films one day. Though, when Julien stands to help Zoya get rid of her scarf headband, Luna fixes Julien's collar at the same time. They take a photo for Julien's Instagram account while at the party, to let her followers know that they are having a girls night out. She was once in the running to be in Sports Illustrated's infamous swimsuit edition but sadly didn't get the job. Julien rushes away much to Monet and Luna's disdain. Luna even stays silent as Julien runs into Ms. Keller again, only this time, Julien helps clean-up and compliments her blazer. More Secrets. The next day at school, Luna and Monet are beyond thrilled to tell Julien that whatever she did to Zoya last night worked - she's withdrawing from Constance. The trailer, however, does feature the return of the original narrator voiced by Kristen Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshall). While filming "Control Z", Moreno was forced to confront some of their most difficult times during transitioning, particularly because in real life, kids at her school bullied and ostracized her. "We should have a no Zara rule at school. The next morning at school, Obie and Julien breakup for good with Audrey thinking it's for the best. Luna lists off her rules. In an interview with Numero Mag, Moreno says cinema has always been a defining presence in my life. While she didnt see herself as an actress at first, she soon realized that she might be able to make a career out of it. She was born on 23 February 1995. 932k Followers, 179 Following, 112 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Zin Moreno (@zion.moreno) [Michael Loccisano/Getty Images], Zion Moreno is Mexican-American. She doesn't appear to have a verified Twitter account. [Netflix], Zion Moreno is fairly new to acting but she did star in singer Melanie Martinez's movie K-12. She lives alone in New York while her parents make movies around the world. One, Zoya mustn't ever talk in public - as she's learned from the article. Chuck? Luna assures the girls that if they close their eyes the girl will disappear. Luna surprisingly holds up a syringe. In addition, she first found modelling difficult, but she has learned to like it more after turning her concentration to acting. First Appearance: Zion Moreno is Mexican-American. Zin Moreno Birth date February 23, 1995 Birthplace El Paso, Texas, USA Portrays Isabela De La Fuente Zin Moreno (born 23 February 1995) is an American actress and model. Moreno is just starting her career. Moreno worked as a model before acting, but admits her heart wasnt into the industry. Luna chimes in that everyone already knew who was in charge. Acting might be Zions thing but it certainly isnt her only thing. But in the meantime, she leaves the deb ball and reminds Max that Aki and Audrey have never had to worry about being accepted before. Spoiler alert! She needs to get "#Jobie" - Julien and Obie - back together STAT or convince Julien to move on first. Julien is surprised to learn it's happening at this exact moment, and Luna points Zoya and Nick out from across the hall. Just like her friends, she grew up wealthy as her father is a famous Mexican director, and her mother is a famous Mexican actress. principal of skyview elementary, fatal car accident in mississippi yesterday,